Assembled Objects & Paintings


Hair Scarf, 2019 Oil Paint on Wood. 13cm x 13cm.

Find Me If You Can, 2019, Oil & Acrylic on Gesso. 13cm x 13cm.


Ley Lines, 2018, Oil Paint on Zinc, 10.5cm x 9cm.

Modular Painting No 13 Dried Paint, Bronze Powder, Zinc, Copper, Urea, Metal & Water Colour on Cardboard, 18cm x 27cm, 2018

Modular Painting No 12 (Deco 2) Dried Metallic Paint, Zinc, Plastic, Painted Urea on wood, 18cm x 19cm, 2018

Modular Painting No 11 (Off Button Red 2) Dried Paint, Plastic, Copper, Aluminium & Oil paint on Zinc and Wood, 15.5cm x 18cm, 2018

Tower Blocks, Dried Paint, Teapot Lid & Plastic Tube, Height to curve of tube 26cm, 2018

Guard, Mixed Media Object, H 10cm, 2018


Modular Assemblage No1 (Moored), Copper, Cardboard, Urea & Sandpaper. A4 print, 2017

Oil Paint on Plastic, 31cm x 31cm, 2017


Combination Piece 1, Mixed Media, dimensions variable, 2016

Copper Lines, 2016

Copper Lines, Combination piece - made from the three individual pieces 1,2, & 3, 2016

Copper Lines 1, 2016

Copper Lines 2, 2016

Copper Lines 3, 2016

Untitled, Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 70cm, 2016

Modular Painting No 10 (Lens Error) Yellow Modeling Clay, Copper & Plastic, 30cm x 10.5cm (variable), 2016. (NFS)

Modular Painting No 9 (Fathomless) Watercolour & Ink on Polyfilla with Zinc, Plastic & Vinyl, 10.5cm D, 2016. 


Modular Painting No 8 (Don't Make Eye Contact) Sprayed Air Horn, Acrylic, Plastic & Sandpaper, 15cm x 23cm (variable), 2015 (SOLD)

Modular Painting No 7 (Don't Mention the Solstice) Corner Painting, Cloth, Copper, Ink & Paint on Wood, 16cm x 15.5cm x 6cm, 2015

Modular Painting No 6, Copper, Plastic, Acrylic, Vinyl paint, Paper & Tree Bark on wood, 15.5cm x 16cm (variable), 2015

Modular Painting No 5 (Aeronaut Orange), Copper, Zinc, Tin, coloured Sandpaper & Vinyl paint on wood, 14cm x 17.5cm (variable), 2015

 Moebius 2, Oil on Zinc, 14.5cm x 20.5cm, 2014-2015
(Made in response to the Dieter Moebius EP Nidemonex on More Than Human Records)


Sodium Suburbia, Oil on Wood, 39cm D, 2014

Modular Painting No1 (Off Button Red), Oil on Aluminium & Wood on Zinc, 29cm H (variable), 2014

Modular Painting No2 (Vertical Traduce), Copper, Black Gesso, Wood, coloured Sandpaper & Plastic, 16cm x 16cm (variable), 2014

Modular Painting No3 (Use only in Emergency), Oil on Aluminium, Plastic & Wood with Zinc, Copper & coloured Sandpaper, 18cm x 18cm (variable), 2014 (SOLD)

Astro Study, Oil on Gesso, 13 x 18cm, 2014


In a Fog About a Fox, Oil on Linen, 61cm x 54cm. 2013
(Used as cover artwork for Bloodhounds album on Exotic Pylon Records)

Light Scavenger, Bitumen & Acrylic on Wood, 13 x 13cm, 2013

Minimal Painting No1, Ink & Acrylic on Wood, 13 x 13cm, 2013

Haunted Slide, Oil on plastic microscope slides, bolted together. 11.5 x 10 cm, 2013


Research Red, Oil on Gesso, 13 x 13cm. 2012 (SOLD)

Inner Monolith, Oil & Acrylic on Gesso, 13 x 13cm. 2012
(Used as cover artwork for Vellum Generator digital album, self release)

Signal Block, Oil & Acrylic on Gesso, 13 x 13cm. 2012 (SOLD)

Concrete Cutaway, Oil on Linen, 26cm x 36cm. 2012


X-Ray Elizabeth, Oil on Linen, 40 x 50cm. 2011

Further Important Advice, Oil on Linen, 40 x 50cm. 2011 (NFS)


The Forgotten Instrument, Oil & Collaged Acrylic on Linen. 2010 (SOLD)
(detail used as cover artwork for Tournaments EP on Exotic Pylon Records)

Super Orbital Development, Oil & Collaged Acrylic on Linen, 102 x 102cm. 2010


Mean Streak, Oil & Collaged Acrylic on Canvas, 69 x 58cm. 2007

Stormer Krebs, Oil & Collaged Acrylic on Canvas, 69 x 58cm. 2006-07

Birds Eye, Collaged Acrylic on Canvas, 26 x 26cm. 2007

Rossmann Dial, Oil, Collaged Acrylic & Tea on Canvas, 69 x 58cm. 2006
(Used as cover artwork for Treacherous Orb EP on More Than Human Records)

Monocled, Collaged Acrylic on Canvas, 26 x 26cm. 2006

Obstract, Collaged Acrylic on Canvas, 26 x 26cm. 2006

Orb, Electrical Tape on Melamine. 2002

Green V, Collaged Acrylic & Tape on Canvas. 2005

Red V, Collaged Acrylic on Canvas. 2005


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